from Matt –

This is from Matt (who’s still not gotten his log-in here)

Under Construction.  Honestly.  We’re drafting it right now Saturday 3 January in the wee hours.  We’ll have it up very shortly.  We also intend to add to and revise it as we get suggestions on the blog for what works and what doesn’t, what references are current et cetera.

If you’re looking for something to do right now, read “How to Debate”.   I don’t presume to think its a perfect analysis just it’ll give you a start.  Then if you don’t have a place to find and dialog others try the one that got us started.  Its getting lots of traffic and has degenerated to name calling and bible thumping.  Add some comments and see what you can do.

So please check back in a few hours.  Later tell us what’s working and not working via combox or email –

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