9 Days Intensive Prayer – Jan 11-19

A Novena is nine days’ intensive prayer for a specific intention. Think of it as a reflection of the Holy Trinity – the number 3 represents the Trinity, and the number nine represents 3 3’s – Okay?

Catholics around the nation are being called on to pray the rosary (which is a prayer centering on the Mysteries, or major events, of Christ’s life) for these nine days. I urge our non-Catholic friends to join us in some personal act of devotion.

Before I was comfortable with the rosary, I loved the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which revolves on two major prayers:

Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.


For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

If you’re not Catholic (and a growing number of nonCatholics are discovering the rosary – you may be one of them) then maybe this deliberately-said prayer would suit you? You can learn a bit more about it here.

We’re also being asked to fast for two of the nine days. Friday is a strong traditional fast day, not just during Lent, because it is the day we remember Our Lord’s sufferings and death.

If we unite our prayers in this matter, think how strong we become!


3 Responses to 9 Days Intensive Prayer – Jan 11-19

  1. Matt says:

    Some people are concerned that this Novena is praying for the wrong thing even an unlikely thing and thus would distract from a more urgent issue – the incoming President’s use of Executive Order.

    The Pro-Life office at the USCCB is very astute and informed. If they say FOCA won’t hit the president’s desk in January then they’re most likely right. I pray they’re right. However the incoming president has promised to sign it if it gets through Congress. That could happen in January.

    Please see news of this important statement from the ProLife office at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.
    Our blog post: https://deliberateengagement.wordpress.com/2009/01/14/us-bishops%e2%80%99-pro-life-office-corrects-%e2%80%98misleading%e2%80%99-foca-novena-message/

    A CNA story: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/new.php?n=14766

    I’ve looked for the “statements issued” by the USCCB and can’t find them on the internet just this CNA story. If you find them please post a link here?

    The Pro-Life office has assemble excellent reference material. Be informed:

    In my opinion we should be informed about the issues when we pray but trust that our prayers aren’t “wasted”. (I think a novena is almost always a good thing and often a very powerful prayer depending on the intention of those praying.)

  2. Michael S. Milburn says:

    I cannot help but wonder how many families have been affected by abortions, and how many women are so very, very sorry they allowed their baby to be killed. As a Christian the only consolation for the deaths of these babies is that God has each one with Him in Heaven. If a survey were truly taken of all the women who have allowed their children to be killed, what would they say now? This is a survey the world should hear. Also from what I know, about 33% of all hospitals are run by Catholic authority. They will have to close their doors because they will not perform abortions, wouldn’t that be a shame.
    Before our new president pushes this through the house and senate a vote of the people needs to be taken. If this is passed I believe the Democrats will have really shot themselves in the foot for 2012. I support the prayers being said to overthrow this bill. I happen to believe God is so much more powerful than our so called Christian president elect and the people in congress. I sure wouldn’t want to have to stand before God answering yes, I gave my vote to kill the little ones. WHERE WOULD WE BE HAD OUR MOTHERS HAD US ABORTED???

  3. Laura says:

    Please note that I never attributed the call to prayer to the USCCB – and even if FOCA isn’t up for review/action in January, there is something very strong about united prayer that culminated on the day of the inauguration of the most strongly-committed pro-abortion president our nation has ever known.

    I only hope that faithful Christians will not stop with a novena, but will make daily specific prayer, for the protection of the unborn and the failure of any attempt to broaden abortion laws, a solid priority.

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