Letter from the Bishop of Diocese of Austin to parishioners

Diocese of Austin Office of the Bishop
The Catholic Church of Central Texas
P.O. Box 13327 · Austin, TX 78711
(512) 476-4888 · Fax (512) 478-5962

January 24-25, 2009

Dear Catholics of the Diocese of Austin,

As we remember the 36th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in our country, we are especially reminded of the absence of protection for the child in the womb. Each life is the result of his love and the gift of the Breath of Life.  He created us in his very image and likeness and entrusted us to love, care and protect one another, from conception to natural death.  We recall that God became one of us, humbling himself to the point of being a child, vulnerable before and after birth. Through his incarnation, we are reminded that every life is precious and deserves protection from conception to natural death.

We are facing a serious threat to pro-life policies in the “Freedom of Choice Act.”  This bill, if passed, would create a right to abortion the government could not limit and bring about a national abortion policy far worse than the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.  For the first time, abortion would be an entitlement the government must fund and promote.  Citizens would lose the freedom they have now to enact even modest regulation of the abortion industry.  This bill would override state regulations in regard to abortions.  Parents would no longer have the right to be involved in their minor daughter’s abortion decision and states would be forced to allow partial-birth abortions.

In order to make our opposition to the Freedom of Choice Act heard, the Diocese of Austin is participating in a national postcard campaign.  Postcards will be sent to our Senators and Representatives after the inauguration of our president.  Postcards will be distributed the weekend of January 24-25, 2009.  Please take the time to make your voice heard along with many other Catholics around the country.

Thank you for your commitment to uphold the dignity of life.

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond

Bishop of Austin

Thanks to Mary for sharing this. Many bishops across the U.S. sent similar letters to their parishes to be read today. The postcard campaign, referenced above, is a means for Catholics to contact their elected officials – Senators and Congressmen – expressing their opposition to FOCA.



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