PP deliberate violation of laws protecting children

The group Live Action http://liveactionfilms.org/ released last week the complete footage it shot at an Indianapolis Planned Parenthood in June 2008 showing clinic employees covering up the reported statutory rape of a 13-year-old.

A reader here made a rude comment about women who are past child-bearing.  I think it was somehow a judgment that these women cannot understand a pregnant woman’s plight and so should recuse themselves.  In response I replied that they should see – and react with horror – that most of the employees of Planned Parenthood in these videos are “past child-bearing age.”  They’re grandmothers or perhaps should be.  What is motivating them to help girls – underage girls – to kill their babies?

FOCA would remove this specific law.

One Response to PP deliberate violation of laws protecting children

  1. Laura says:

    I also felt that our commenter was saying that men, not possessing the offending organ (the uterus), have no right to tell women what to do (“legislate women’s health issues.”) – What he fails to understand is that men – good men, decent, honorable and responsible men, DO have an investment in this issue – and even the irresponsible ones are negatively affected by it. It is their children who are being lost to abortion, as well.

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