Just what is Planned Parenthood, anyway?

Over the next several days, I plan to take Planned Parenthood’s “Questions and Answers about FOCA” document and delve into its dishonest, misrepresentative assertions about that legislation. Since so much of the rhetoric in support of FOCA – indeed, of abortion in general, comes from Planned Parenthood (PP), it is important to look at the organization, its origins, and its philosophical foundations.

Planned Parenthood was begun in 1921 as The American Birth Control League. Its founder, Margaret Sanger, was a radical and a free-thinker, abandoning the Catholicism with which she was raised (her mother was Catholic) for atheistism; she was also a socialist. She was a trained nurse, and after the death of a friend from a self-induced abortion, she began to speak and work publicly about female sexuality and to promote the use of birth control.

Her earlier writings indicate an abhorence toward abortion, an attitude which later altered. She wrote at one point that the kindest thing to be done for an infant born into an already-large family was to kill it. She particularly felt that nonwhites and southern and Eastern Europeans were inferior breeds of humans and that their ability to reproduce should be severely limited – even to the point of forced sterilization.

After being jailed several times for violating laws prohibiting the discussion or promotion of birth control information or devices (she smuggled in diaphragms from Holland and wrote a column for a socialist newspaper), Sanger found a loophole in the law which allowed her to open a legal clinic for dispensing birth control: the laws allowed the prescription of contraceptive measures when the life or health of the mother was in jeopardy. This is a loophole still dearly beloved by Planned Parenthood today, in their advocacy for abortion on demand.

She spoke out against marriage and motherhood as an oppression of women (although she herself was married twice and was a mother) and advocated for women’s enjoyment of sex without confines of marriage.

Today, Planned Parenthood still teaches sexual “freedom” to teens, promoting guilt-free promiscuity (which is deceptive, and backfires to create serious psychological and spiritual disorders in women) as well as promoting contraception and abortion.

More than 3/4 of their clinics are placed in black communities, demonstrating the organization’s continuing commitment to weeding out those Sanger considered undesirable from society.

Planned Parenthood is behind many other organizations, including the Guttmacher Institute and Republicans for Choice, cooperates with League of Women Voters, NARAL, and other organizations to promote abortion on demand.

They write much of the rhetoric for promoting abortion as safe and legal – distorting statistics and masking abortion as a humanitarian endeavor.

We’ll see how some of that translates into their own literature in favor of the Freedom of Choice Act, shortly.


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