Conduct Becoming a citizen

This article was in the Boston Herald as an open letter by the author to her children.

the house rules:

1) Dissent vigorously, but not mean-spiritedly. Oppose policies or proposals with which you disagree. Criticize the president’s rhetoric when it offends. But in so doing, never use hateful language. Terms such as “stupid” or “village idiot” when used to refer to the president demonstrate ignorance and poor manners.

2) Be proud of our country. Never disparage America in public. Whatever mistakes President Obama may make, they are not a reflection of some endemic social or political malaise. Do not lambaste the American military during a time of war. Never give anyone a reason to question your patriotism.

3) Pray for our commander in chief. President Obama is the leader of the free world; our safety and security are in his hands. Pray that he will have the fortitude and courage to face down evil and to support freedom-loving peoples around the globe. Rejoice when he succeeds; pray for him – and for our country – if he fails.

4) Respect the privacy and dignity of the first family. Daughters Malia and Sasha Obama did not ask to be in the spotlight. They are children, just like you. You may not always like the things their father does, but his children should never be the butt of your jokes or the object of your ridicule.

5) Show good sportsmanship. Losing an election is never a reason to be bitter; winning one is never a reason to gloat. Never, ever display a bumper sticker that says “1/20/13: Obama’s last day” or “Defend America, Defeat Obama.” These stickers and signs are infantile, they are for sore losers and they epitomize much of what is wrong with contemporary political discourse. On Obama’s last day in the Oval Office, show him your respect. No matter how glad you may be to see him go, think of something good about the Obama presidency, and praise it publicly. Under no circumstances are you to boo the president of the United States or chant nasty slogans, as so many of President Bush’s detractors did last Tuesday.

We’re Americans, first, by Jennifer C. Braceras / As You Were Saying . . .  |   Saturday, January 24, 2009  | |  Op-Ed

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