Natural Family Planning

Here is an example of true counter-cultural science that  would change the lives of so many if they’d know about it.

Warning to any radical “science-is-everything” and “sex-is-recreation” types.  This will change your world.

The Ovulation Method Videos

Science at the Service of Family

The Ovulation Method

FREE Online or
$1 DVD
Years in the making, The Ovulation Method, Science at the Service of Family, is a great overview and introduction to The Ovulation Method. It would be a great gift to any friend, relative, client or patient to help kick start their interest in Natural Family Planning.Especially perfect for marriage preparation programs. Hand them out to every couple.Click here to watch online now!

Achieving Preganancy Quicker &
Postponing Pregnancy with 99% Method Effectiveness

Session 1: Fertility Awareness

Session 2: Postponing Pregnancy (An Introduction)

Session 3: Starting to Chart your Symptoms

MP4 files for iPod on DVD as well.
MP4 files also available for FREE download.
Mpeg-1 video files also available for FREE download for use in PowerPoint style presentations.


2 Responses to Natural Family Planning

  1. Laura says:

    It’s very interesting that the most enthusiastic proponents of Natural Family Planning I have ever talked with …

    are men.

    Thanks, Matt.

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