Obama Promises to Fund Coercive China One-Child Policy Collaborator UNFPA

obamapayabort2Obama’s on a pro-abort roll. First he overturned the Mexico City policy which prevented the use of our taxpayer dollars for overseas abortions, and now he’s going to fund the UN’s Population Fund, which funds abortions worldwide, including forced abortion. (I thought the pro-aborts called themselves “pro-choice”…but it doesn’t look like every woman gets a choice).

Now that President Barack Obama has fulfilled his promise to overturn the Mexico City Policy and fund groups that promote and perform abortions in other countries, he is laying out additional pro-abortion plans. In his statement accompanying his executive order, Obama says UNFPA funding is next.

Funding United Nations Population Fund has long been a controversial topic and President Bush annually withheld the $40 million in taxpayer dollars the UN group had typically received.

He did so because a State Department investigation found the agency was working hand-in-hand with Chinese officials who instituted its one-child population control policy.

source here


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