Abortion, Liberalism and the War on Creativity


From a Catholic blog, Catholic Prodigal Daughter – well worth reading the whole thing.

…This past week, it came to me that abortion isn’t just about killing off those babies who are “inconvenient.” It is a strategy straight from the pit of hell to destroy mankind. I saw a connection between those who politically feel it is “for the common good” to control society by placing government as the sole source of supply; and the attempt to stifle creativity by killing off what can be seen as human capital.

Satan hates creativity. He hates it with such viciousness that he will do everything in his power to destroy it – for in destroying creativity, he destroys life. The two – life and creativity – are inextricably joined. One cannot survive well without the other. For instance, to live freely is to have the opportunity to exercise your creativity. To be creative, fully creative, you must be aware of living. As an artist, I know that I am most creative when I am aware of my surroundings and thoughts. Artists create from their interpretation of life. An artist’s heart sings the purest when she is completing perfectly the vision that is in her soul.

Think of all the songs that have been sung! The songs yet to be sung! Then think of all those unborn babies, whose voices have been silenced; never having been given the chance to sing or teach someone else how to sing….

Thanks, Mary Rose, for a very thought-provoking post.


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