The Agenda progresses – funding for abortions overseas

We were grieved when newly-inaugurated President Barack Obama signed the papers to overturn the “Mexico City Rule,” sending U.S. funds across our borders to fund abortion services in other countries.

Much quieter was President Obama’s reinstatement of support to the UNFPA (the UN Population Fund), which provides abortion and contraception services to the UN for use in developing nations.

Congressionally-approved funding for UNFPA has been withheld by the U.S. Administration for the past seven years. During that time, the Fund has not received a total of $244 million in U.S. funding. “Restoration of funding will allow us to maintain recent gains during the current financial crisis and provide support to women in some of the poorest countries in the world,” said Ms. Obaid. “Progress for all will not happen without progress for women. This means working to promote, as an international priority, the advancement of women’s health, rights and equality.”

UNFPA also welcomes President Obama’s decision to engage his administration on family planning issues, restoring critical efforts to protect and empower women. Access to voluntary family planning is one of the most effective ways to prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce abortions.

“UNFPA stands ready to work with President Obama, Secretary Clinton and the American people to achieve our dream of helping women and girls in the poorest countries reach their fullest potential. We welcome the opportunity to work with the United States again as a full partner.”

As is common for the pro-abort crowd, childbirth is being blamed for the deaths of women overseas, and rather than supporting adequate prenatal and delivery care, which would drastically reduce the maternal mortality rate, the UN has chosen to urge women to abort their babies instead, linking abortion with women’s empowerment and advancement in society.

This fund also supports China’s enforcement of their one-child policy.

If that doesn’t make you angry, given our current economic crisis here at home, this should:

A half billion dollars will be used to increase abortion rates and spread the use of contraceptives in third-world countries. (also from the speroforum link)


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