More on Florida “botched abortion” case

We’ve previously informed you of the news making the blog rounds about the abortion clinic in Florida that handled a late-term abortion and things went badly wrong. Now Fox has reported the same story, and now CNN is reporting that the MD over the clinic, Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique, has had his medical license suspended by the Florida Medical Board.

There are so many things wrong with this story that I hardly know where to begin.

The story is being reported as a “botched” abortion, yet the fact is that nearly all babies born from late-term induced labor abortion, the technique applied at this clinic, are born alive.

This story belies media manipulation of the facts of such cases; the media would have us think that abortion is not the destruction of a fully formed human being, but the simple clinical removal of a glob of tissue that is somehow less than human at the time of its destruction; yet as we read of this tiny infant girl writhing on her mother’s abdomen and her chest rising and falling with breaths, it is obvious that this child is very much a fully-formed human baby, deserving of far greater tenderness and care than she was accorded by the abortion clinic staff.

We must wonder at the state of mind of a young woman who sought an abortion and was horrified at delivering a live infant. What sort of informed consent was she presented? Was she provided an informed consent at all? From the media reports, it sounds as if she was not.

Would a genuine informed consent have made a difference? Would the woman not have pursued abortion had she known what it would entail?

The public indignation this story has generated is critical. One of the claims of the pro-abortion crowd is that there should be no limits or restrictions placed on abortion services. Abortion rhetoric denies the humanity of the unborn – in my indignation, I want to demand, sarcastically, whether women seeking abortion services are deluded enough to believe that the child in them is an indistinguished mass of tissue and indeterminate cells until, ZAP! just before spontaneous labor and birth they somehow morph into what we recognize as a baby? – yet this case reminds us graphically that infants in utero are, indeed, very human.

Even the pro-choice among us should be outraged that this late-term procedure was performed in a clinic, not a hospital – despite the fact that induced labor abortions usually result in live births. The clinic was obviously not equipped to handle the NICU requirements of a severely premature infant.

Given the way the staff is reported to have handled the delivery itself, I have to wonder just what procedures Dr. Renelique has followed in his prior induced labor abortions. Will there be an investigation into the procedures employed to date at this clinic? Will the public ever learn how Dr. Renelique and his staff disposed of other late-term abortion victims who were born alive?

Will there be public demand for a thorough investigation into the practices of this clinic, and others operating under Florida laws?

We are aghast at the news of an infant surviving the abortion procedure to be so mercilessly left to die at a Florida clinic, yet this same basic treatment was the standard in hospitals across the nation prior to the enactment of the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act (which is one of the restrictive elements of current law which would be overturned by FOCA or a FOCA-like bill). An RN of my acquaintance, who worked for a while at one of our state’s largest teaching hospitals, has told the story of induced labor abortions, where babies born alive after abortion would be dumped onto a dirty linen cart and left to die of exposure and neglect. She tells of nurses like herself – protected by specific contract from being compelled to assist at these procedures (which conscience clause is now jeopardized) – who would slip into the dirty linen room to hold the abandoned babies as they died.

And what effect does working these procedures have on the hearts, minds and souls of abortion clinic staff? How can a nurse justify treating an infant with the callous inhumanity described in the Miami lawsuit? We can only protest that abortion dulls the conscience, renders practitioners and assistants disabled from very basic human compassion.

This is an issue of the abortion industry that gets very little public attention, yet a great many abortion providers have abandoned the practice over the years because they found it so disgusting and dehumanizing. That dehumanizing effect is patently manifest in the presently-contested case.

So in watching this Florida case, there are several things we need to be observant of:

1) Violations across the board of the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act;
2) Procedures and protocols for dealing with infants born alive from induced labor abortions – and saline and hysterotomy abortions, as well;
3) The irony that the young woman, seeking to kill her baby through an abortion, is now suing the clinic for killing same child ex utero – leading to questions regarding
a) informed consent
b) formation of conscience, and, finally
4) questions of ultimate responsibiltity for this very ugly and totally unnecessary death.

If you live in Florida, or have ties to that State which would make your protests count (as a non-resident, Florida officials would dismiss my protests out of hand), I urge you to call and/or write the State Medical Board urging a full investigation and disclosure – and revision of that State’s abortion laws.

Also, if you hear any news updates on this case which do not make it to the mainstream media, please notify us at

Updated: 10:00 p.m. – Lifesite News has additional information in the case.


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