A glimpse of things to come?


One of the tenets of FOCA is the prohibition against “interference” with abortion. What is “interference?”

We must point you to Fr. John Malloy, whose blog, A Shepherd’s Voice, is detailing the story of Pastor Walter Hoyes, who was arrested in Oakland, CA, for violating a “bubble ordinance” prohibiting anti-abortion activity within a certain distance of the clinic. Pastor Hoyes was holding a sign and inviting women to discuss alternatives to the clinic when he was arrested.

He is not being aggressive. He is not being hostile. He is not being obnoxious. Follow Father Malloy’s links and see the videos.

It’s a bit late to try to write a “friend of the Court” statement, unless you are in Oakland and can hand-deliver it to the Court. We urge you, instead, to follow similar cases in your own communities, and to stand with those who are respectfully and honorably protesting abortion and being criminalized for it.


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