The Little Red Envelope


The Red Envelope Campaign is flooding our Inboxes. I’ve ignored the dozen or so I’ve received – it feels to me that this is not a useful exercise, that the president will not moved by them, that there will be a better opportunity coming soon.

Columnist Jill Stanek has voiced more clearly my ideas and some more sensible thoughts about the Red Envelope campaign, here.

No one will ever know, because the White House is not going to tell anyone how many [red envelopes] it gets. It’s simply going to throw them away. Does anyone really think WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will put this on his agenda about which to speak? “Wow, have we been inundated with red envelopes protesting the President’s abortion policy!” No. Well-intentioned people are sending their red envelopes to a black hole…

BUT next year Christ Otto should have pro-lifers send their red protest envelopes to him or to an organization he creates.

Then hold a press conference…

That’s an idea I can whole-heartedly support.


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