FOCA’s Friends

ultrasound4d2I think we pro-lifers have done pretty well so far in presenting our opposition to FOCA, but we need to keep up the fight! If these pro-aborts think abortion is so great, why do they have to keep pretending they aren’t pro-abort?

Amy Sullivan, a writer for Time magazine who shills for the Democrats, posted a piece today saying that the Catholic Church’s campaign against the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)—the most radical piece of pro-abortion legislation in history—is much ado about nothing. Following the talking points of her pro-abortion friends in the Catholic community who insist they are against abortion, she says “no such bill has been introduced.” (Just a lie…they will try to get it through. Obama has already promised to sign it).

he fact is that Rep. Jerry Nadler and Sen. Barbara Boxer previously introduced FOCA, but they got nowhere. The fact is that they have publicly pledged to reintroduce the same bill this term. The fact is that the reason they haven’t done so yet is due to pro-life Catholics who are honestly pro-life.

What it comes down to is this: pro-abortion Catholics are angry that pro-life Catholics have succeeded so far in intimidating FOCA supporters from going forward.

story here


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