“Catholic Advocate” has Brownback support, organization confirms

sam-brownbackIsn’t it sad that we actually need to inquire or investigate to see if Catholic politicians are living the faith? Fortunately, Deal Hudson is on the case.

The new initiative “Catholic Advocate,” whose goal is to expose politicians “who hide their pro-abortion record behind a smokescreen of faith,” confirmed to CNA that they do have the support of Senator Sam Brownback for their initiative.
Last week, “Catholic Advocate” sent a fundraising letter signed by Kansas Senator Sam Brownback questioning whether his Democratic colleagues, including the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi were genuine Catholics. 

“Real Catholics need a new voice — not the likes of Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi who have campaigned as Catholics while voting to undermine the values that we hold most dear,” Brownback said in the letter, asking for support against the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) and in favor of “Catholic Advocate,” a nonprofit created by the Catholic activist Deal Hudson.

But on Friday, Joe Feuerherd, a staff writer of the National Catholic Reporter (a Catholic dissenters’ publication), questioned the authenticity of the letter, quoting Brownback’s spokesman Brian Hart, who said that “our chief of staff … had never seen, heard of, or approved it.”

Feuerherd’s main concern, nevertheless, was the fact that letter is the first public criticism of a pro-life Catholic politician against pro-abortion colleagues. “It is unusual, and perhaps unprecedented in modern times, for one senator to question the religious practices of another,” Feuerherd wrote.

story here

Here’s another good site I found that details the pro-life or pro-abort activities of “Catholic” Politicians.


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