Catholic Pro-Life Leader Responds to Time Magazine on FOCA, Abortion Battle

ultrasound4d5A leading pro-life advocate who is a representative of the nation’s Catholic bishops has responded to Time magazine. Time was criticized last week for bashing pro-life advocates who oppose the radical pro-abortion FOCA bill even though the measure hasn’t yet been introduced this session of Congress. Yet Obama has promised to sign it.

Time staff writer Amy Sullivan said pro-life groups, including the nation’s Catholic bishops, were silly for mobilizing against a “mythical abortion bill.”

In an editorial column at National Review, USCCB spokeswoman Susan Willis said Sullivan’s piece is “rife with inaccuracies and non sequiturs.” Of course. It has to be to support abortion.

Willis says Sullivan misrepresented the postcard campaign the bishops sponsored and failed to note that the target is Congress, not the White House, and that the postcards ask elected officials to also oppose any bill that is similar to FOCA and that they also support current pro-life laws limiting taxpayer funding of abortions.

story here


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