Congressional Budget Bill Cuts Abstinence Funding, Increases Family Planning

abstinenceIt’s easy to see what the pro-abort Congress’ priorities are: more sexually-active teens and more abortions.

“family planning” is the ultimate oxymoron. It is about preventing families, not planning families.

The new omnibus spending bill Congressional Democrats proposed this week does exactly what pro-life advocates expected it would do when it comes to abstinence education. Funds for abstinence programs were cut while more money is given to Planned Parenthood through family planning dollars.  

The Democratic spending plan cuts total funding for abstinence education by $14.2 million, compared with the previous year.

It also cuts abstinence education funding by $42 million compared to what President Bush had asked for in his last months of office.

The cuts are seen as the first step by abortion advocates in Congress to zero out all abstinence education funds through the Community-Based Abstinence Education (CBAE) program, the Adolescent Family Life Act, and through Title V.

Democrats cut the CBAE budget by 13%, leaving only $95 million to fund national programs to help teenagers make healthy choices for a positive lifestyle.

Apparently, a “positive lifestyle” includes forcing abortion on women:

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