An abortion story –

The outspoken pro-“choice” folks try to paint abortion as some sort of panacaea for the sorrows and sufferings of women; however, it is so often the cause of great physical and emotional suffering. Here we want to share some of the stories of women who have been hurt by the very legal abortions which are supposed to have made their lives better.

The first is from a school friend of mine (Laura’s), who emailed to tell me her sister’s story:

I have never had an abortion and I’m privileged and happy to say so!  My sister did, though, and she’s had all the side effects from it.
Back when she was young and trying to get her life in order, she got into a bad relationship with a man going through a bad divorce.  He told her if he got her pregnant, he’d take care of it!  Well, he did, and his way of taking care of it was to pay for her abortion!  I begged her to have the baby and let me raise it, but at the time, she was (in a service industry job) and just didn’t see how getting maternity clothes and working her job while pregnant was a possibility, so she had the abortion.
They told her at the clinic that the fetus could be removed, but she had another growth (tumor like) would choke out the life of any baby within months anyway, so she had the abortion.  Did they remove the other “growth?”  NO!  And she had complications due to her abortion and had to seek medical attention due to that as well!  Since that time she was deeply depressed and once she found herself in a good relationship (to the man she’s now married to) she would wake up at night and hear a baby crying.  Then she was told she couldn’t have kids, due to complications of her abortion, as they really messed her up!  Eventually, she did get pregnant and my nephew is a very happy, healthy young man now.  He is her miracle in life!
The problem with the clinics is that they could care less about your health, or even the sanitation of the “procedure” they just want to make money!

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  1. Wayne says:

    I’ve linked to your post from Abortion Harms Women which as I think you may recall is the series of articles on this subject.

    Keep up the good work. God Bless

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