Montana plane crash claims family of major abortion mill owner

We’ve heard of the Montana plane crash that killed several people, including children, when the plane crashed into a cemetary. However, what is not being reported in the national media is that the victims of this crash were the family members of Irving “Bud” Feldcamp, who owns the nation’s largest chain of private-owned abortion clinics. Information is available here.

Another unreported irony is that the cemetery into which the airplane nosedived is a Catholic cemetery, Holy Cross, which contains a memorial to the victims of abortion, not far from the crash site.

Let us pray for Mr. Feldcamp and for his family. This is a terrible tragedy, but the greatest of tragedies can give rise to the greatest of goods.

Thanks to Lee for the link.


10 Responses to Montana plane crash claims family of major abortion mill owner

  1. Pamela Troy says:

    How disgusting for you to gloat, even indirectly, over this horrible tragedy.

    You show the true face of your version of “Christianity” here.

  2. Laura says:

    If we appear to be gloating, I do most earnestly apologize. The tragedy is great, and the fact that it has happened to a major abortion clinic owner seems to me only increase the sense of tragedy.

    Can you see where I am coming from, now?

  3. Pamela Troy says:

    Yes, I see where you’re coming from. I saw it the first time I read it.

    The apology is owed to Mr. Feldkamp and his surviving family, not to me.

    You might also apologize to God while you’re at it, for your own arrogance and callousness.

  4. Laura says:

    Actually, Pamela,
    I don’t see this as a judgment issue. A girl I went to school with lost her husband and one child in an airplane crash several years ago, and Bobbi was a good Baptist Christian, a very lovely woman; the Bible says the sun shines and the rain falls on the just and the unjust – or, if you will, good stuff and bad stuff happens, whether you’re good or a rat.

    I don’t know what I think about Irving Feldkamp. I hate the work he does; he’s making a profit exploiting women’s suffering and fear. But he might either be completely misled about the issues involved – or he could be a smarmy money-grubbing jerk. I hope it’s the former, I don’t like to think of anyone being a money-grubber at such a cost.

    I hate abortion because it victimizes women as much as it destroys innocent life.

    And I do think you’re reading a lot more in to the post than is there, or was intended.

    But that’s okay.

    Whatever my opinion would be of Mr. Feldkamp, were we personally acquainted, I am sorry for the loss he’s facing. It’s too much. Bad enough to lose loved ones, one at a time – but en masse, this way – it’s almost more than can be borne. I am praying for him, for the consolation of his heart, which must surely be breaking. His and his wife’s.

    This is NOT a time for vindictive behaviors or attitudes. If the Feldkamps were living in my community, this is where we pull out all the stops and cook until we’re exhausted, providing meals, transportation, babysitting, etc. I live in NC, of course – so what I can do is to pray for them. And I do – for their consolation.

  5. Matt says:

    Pamela Troy,
    We disagree. I’ve read your blog at
    and the original article at
    I see no “gloating” and nothing “revolting” in the article.

    Perhaps pointing out the senseless tragic deaths of innocents is what you find “revolting?” If so it would appear that in your view some innocent people are more equal than others.

    Note to everyone reading this. An act of violence is a Pro-Choice act. If this crash were to be a result of an act of sabotage we should condemn it as vigorously as the act of procuring an abortion. Just not more so. See our How to Debate link.

  6. sarajo says:

    This IS a tragedy – both the crash and the symbolic place of the crash

  7. Venessa says:

    Bottom line, the Bible IS the Truth. Whether one chooses to believe it or not is their God given choice but it does not change the fact that it remains the Truth. We are ALL, each one of us, products of our choices, whatever ‘end’ that may bring. God says CHOOSE this day, life or death, blessing or cursing, and whom you will serve.

  8. Matt says:

    “editor’s” note: (Matt)
    Yes AND much of the audience we want to convince doesn’t believe that.
    So I propose that we each draw our strength from prayer and then go out and debate the Truth using the little truths that they can believe.
    See our How to Debate page. And please tell us what success and what difficulties you have.

  9. Laura says:

    Then the challenge becomes getting out of our comfort zone and becoming familiar with some of these other disciplines and their vocabulary. Matt’s right – we have to do this if we want to make an impact. Remember Paul using the statue to the Unknown God of Athens to tell the Athenians about Christ? Same sort of thing we need to be able to do.

    It isn’t easy. Some of us are from traditions that scorn and ridicule those “little truths.” I’ve been there; I’ve learned they’re wrong to insist we limit all discussion to biblical terminology. We help others grow in understanding when we are able and willing to speak their language. This is not a compromise! As Matt says in “How to Debate,” all those “little truths” are subsets of The Truth. We don’t have to fear them!

  10. Venessa says:

    I see that we, as believers, present the Truth, as He has spoken it in His Word, then allow the Holy Spirit to be the one to convince and change minds, as He says is His job to do. Debates, out of my own understanding and what I think this or that means, is going to be fruitless. I must just speak what He speaks in His Word and allow Holy Spirit to do the ‘heart’ work in others. Whatever which way the Truth is presented, whether parables or word pictures or whatever else the Holy Spirit puts on our hearts, it is still the Truth that is shared. I believe we are saying the same things, just each of us coming from our different angles of where we ‘are’.

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