Post-abortion: Relationships suffer

A report in LifeNews details the risks and complications on the relationships of women who undergo abortion – not only the relationship in which the baby was conceived, but also in subsequent relationships. Increased incidence reported of arguments, jealousy and even violence can plague relationships, post-abortion. Moreover, more than twice as many women experience a newly-developing sexual dysfunction in the wake of the abortion experience.

This is not a surprising finding. It’s been known for years that the relationship in which the aborted child was conceived is at way higher risk for ending. That profound changes in even future relationship dynamics should develop makes complete sense. A woman who has undergone abortion feels differently about herself as a woman; her history raises questions in the mind of the man she becomes involved with. Women hurt – they pick fights in a vague sense of self-defense.

So sociologicial data joins the medical data of increased incidents of medical difficulties – not least of which are increased risk of infertility and breast cancer – in the information concealed from women before they sign on the dotted line.


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