Abortion based on race, gender labeled ‘barbaric’

Its hard to believe.  I’m not sure if I do.  but read on.

Abortion based on race, gender labeled ‘barbaric’

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 4/3/2009 7:40:00 AM

US capitolCongressman Trent Franks of Arizona has introduced the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act.” If passed, the bill would ban race- or gender-selection abortions.

Attorney Steven Aden of the Alliance Defense Fund tells OneNewsNow his organization helped write the bill that is being referred to as “PreNDA.”

“Sex-selection and racially-motivated abortion is an immense problem in America and internationally,” the attorney explains, “and Congressman Franks’ bill would prohibit the performance of such abortions, the funding of them, or promoting them.”

pregnancy illustrationOne of the reasons for an increase in such abortions in America is related to immigration, says Aden.

“The problem of sex-selection abortion in the United states is so prevalent that it is documented that women come from other countries to America to have their babies aborted because [the unborn children] are girls [and] because the countries where they come from — places like India and the U.K. — have laws against this barbaric practice,” Aden explains.

The National Academy of Sciences, United Nations, and a Harvard researcher confirm the problem in the U.S.


I did some looking at the National Academy of Sciences web site; nothing.  I googled the exact title above and found many quotes of the ADF story but nothing supporting it.  If you see something let me know.  The ADF is a very reputable ally in this fight and I want to understand this legislation.

One Response to Abortion based on race, gender labeled ‘barbaric’

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve been reading for several years about gender-selection abortions – beginning in China, where the one-child rule is still in effect, and China’s age-old prejudice against females still dominates the culture. Then it was in California – along with other genetic issues (blue eyes, blonde hair, etc.) –

    Race-motivated abortion is as old as humankind. In the modern era, it was part of Margaret Sanger’s eugenics policy, adopted by Mengele to further contribute to the elimination of Jews and other undesirables. Now it is evidenced by Planned Parenthood’s activities in nonwhite neighborhoods.

    But here’s a question: if FOCA is introduced along the same language as before, or the same principles of “no restriction” to abortion, and passes, then this PreNDA bill gets wiped out. Right?

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