Illogical argument

I checked the spam folder.  There were some truly despicable solicitations for porn – some disguised with “hey we agree with you”.  Sigh.

Also in the spam folder were many commercial blogs trying to attract attention by posting.  The spam filter caught one though that was an honest comment that I’ll repeat here; with my response.

Reproductive freedom is the natural right of a female and no one can challange it.

My reply:

I challenge your statement as false.
You make an intrusive philosophically-oriented absolutist statement unsupported by facts.

Argue don’t declare.

We’re not talking about a woman’s right to color her hair, wear trousers or smoke in public.  Abortion is a medical intervention that kills babies.

I completely approve of any adult human person’s right to reproduce.  Its the killing to avoid the responsibility of a child that I oppose.

These are at the comments to Q&A about FOCA – Part One


2 Responses to Illogical argument

  1. Laura says:

    I’d only add that “Reproductive freedom” is code for the right to abort. First of all, there is no constitutional “right to choose” – that’s a construct designed to delude people.

    You have a right to discern whether you want children. But from that point you have the obligation to live responsibly. Children deserve a 2-parent home, not a deliberately-single mom who has to shuffle them off to institutional daycare while she works to put food on the table. (Note: I said “Deliberately single” – this does not condemn or even mildly criticize widows and those women abandoned by irresonsible men.)

    If you don’t want children, then you are obligated to avoid that activity which naturally, wondrously results in the creation of children.

    I know, it’s not really that simple. Feelings, pleasure, and all that. But it IS that simple. As I once heard Matt say, “If you don’t want to go to Chicago, why did you get on the train?”

    Marriage isn’t for easy sex or for constant companionship. Marriage is the establishment of a family – and families naturally include children. If you don’t want children, you don’t get married, you remain celibate – and you put up with the inconveniences thereof without ranting and raving about them.

    Treating the (unrestricted) enjoyment of sex as an inalienable right is so immature and narcissistic an attitude – it really is severely disordered.

  2. Christine says:

    I agree Matt. Some people unfortunately use abortion as a form of birth control.

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