Embryonic Stem Cells don’t work

This is fascinating and informative.  From the Culture of Life Foundation

by E. Christian Brugger, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in Ethics
christian_new.jpgWhat is a Stem Cell?
A stem cell is an undifferentiated cell (i.e., a cell that has not yet specialized into a particular cell type, e.g., liver cell, pancreatic cell, or cardiac cell) with two unique capacities: the first, for rapid and prolonged self-multiplication into daughter cells identical with itself; and the second, for development and differentiation into specific types of cells such as liver and cardiac cells.
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This is the follow on article:

More on Embryonic Stem Cells (For the not-so-dummies)

by E. Christian Brugger, Ph.D., Senior Fellow in Ethics

Because of heightened interest in my last piece, Stem Cells for Dummies, I decided to pursue further questions pertaining to scientific interest in embryonic stem cells (ESCs).

It concludes with:

During his historic campaign, President Obama promised to get politics out of science, while upholding the highest ethical standards.  Yet he has cancelled federal support for promising new research that science and ethics agree should be the future of pluripotent stem cell research; he’s made tax payer funds available for inferior and immoral old science whose track record in providing clinical solutions to human disease is appalling; and he has laid the foundation stone for the federally funding of clone-and-kill research.  Pretty poor batting average.

part one: http://culture-of-life.org//content/view/551/1/

part two: http://culture-of-life.org//content/view/554/1/


3 Responses to Embryonic Stem Cells don’t work

  1. bird5 says:

    Adult Stem Cells Are Considered Drugs!

    There is a group of physicians, patients and other interested people working together to get treatment with adult stem cells legalized in the U.S. as it should be. The organization was formed in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent position that the adult stem cells found in everyone’s body are drugs. Please ask your family and friends to sign up (“JOIN”), and get as many doctors to sign up as well. Please see The American Stem Cell Therapy Association (ASCTA) site


  2. Wayne says:

    I’ve added a link to this article from Discerning Science – Human Life – Embryonic Stem Cells

    What is tragic is redirecting a limited amount of funds away from Adult Stem Cells that do work into research that we already know is not a cure.

  3. Matt says:

    I apologize to bird5 as their post was caught in our spam filter and I didn’t clear it for 2+ days.
    I’m not endorsing their position (and you’d be foolish to consider my endorsement substantive in medicine or science) but at least let science not politics drive this debate.

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