Caroline Kennedy Reportedly Rejected as Potential Vatican Ambassador Over Abortion

Caroline Kennedy Reportedly Rejected as Potential Vatican Ambassador Over Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 13
, 2009

Washington, DC ( — Vatican officials have reportedly rejected the possibility of pro-abortion President Barack Obama selecting Caroline Kenney as his ambassador to the Holy See because of her position on abortion. However, leading Catholic Church spokesmen have said they haven’t officially rejected any potential Obama nominee.

As reported, the Vatican reportedly informally rejected a handful of possible Obama ambassadors because they did not share the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church.

According to an Italian journalist, the Vatican said no to the potential diplomats, but the Catholic News Service later interviewed top Vatican officials who denied the reports.

Now, the London Telegraph indicates the Holy See has said no to Caroline Kennedy because of her pro-abortion views and position in support of embryonic stem cell research, which involves the destruction of human life.

The newspaper says Obama was supposedly wanting to reward Kennedy for her support of his presidential candidacy. It indicated Holy See officials told Italian news source Il Giornale that Kennedy’s support for abortion disqualified her to serve as ambassador.

While the White House has refused to comment on the diplomatic situation, Raymond Flynn, a former US ambassador to the Vatican and the former Boston mayor, said Obama needs to put a pro-life advocate in the position.

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UPDATE: April 15 – (by Laura) – Vatican Spokesman Fr. Frederico Lombardi, Director of the Vatican Press Office, denies this report. “We have not received candidates for the position of new US Ambassador to the Holy See, and therefore it is not true that (Kennedy) has been rejected,” Fr. Lombardi said….

Report here. If you are competent in Italian, you can also read it here.


4 Responses to Caroline Kennedy Reportedly Rejected as Potential Vatican Ambassador Over Abortion

  1. Paula Brooks says:

    So are you saying that the Vatican has broken off diplomatic relations with the United States… like Iran and Cuba did?

  2. Matt says:

    Nothing of the sort and the article doesn’t say that.

    Ever hear of an ambassador “presenting his credentials”? Not too long ago a receiving state wouldn’t tip-toe around this and accept an unacceptable ambassador. The Vatican has no divisions and so uses the diplomatic system fully. The Vatican truly finds these ProAbortion nominal Catholics unacceptable to represent the interaction between the earth’s remaining “superpower” and the Church on earth. I applaud their move. I fully believe the Administration misreads this signal.

    I said the Vatican uses diplomacy fully. Remember that Nancy Pelosi visited the Vatican as a private citizen a few weeks ago? She was received with great courtesy – in private. There are no photos of her shaking hands with the Holy Father that she can trot out in the next election. The two press releases read as if they were of two different meetings. The congressman’s reads like hogwash. The Vatican’s reads simply and politely. I’ll bet the Holy Father was just as nice in person; but told Nancy to shape up.

  3. Paula Brooks says:

    Now what would you say if the administration and the state department would say… “well our president thinks stem cell research is the right way to go… so you need to give us someone who thinks likewise”…

    And in San Fransisco, Nancy’s district… a picture with Ratzinger… would not really be a plus for her…

  4. Laura says:

    You mean embryonic stem cell research? Because adult stem cells are already being successfully used in developing treatments for multiple conditions. Even Oprah’s friend Dr. Oz announced that embryonic stem cell research is dead – because their growth cannot be controlled, and that means cancer (I have the video in here, you can see it for yourself).

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