Let there be no doubt about Archbishop Timothy Dolan

This is a man who stands in defense of the unborn.

In his inaugural homily this afternoon, Abp. Dolan borrowed the image of a mother bear defending her cubs. As he spoke out in defense of the unborn, of protection for “the tiny baby in the womb,” his brother priests, and nearly all those present in the Cathedral (except, I learned a few minutes ago, for the mayor of New York) rose in a prolonged, energetic ovation. The applause lasted well over a minute.

You can stream the homily – some excellent theology, too, on the life and nature of Church – via Fr Z’s blog.

Update by Matt April 16th.  The National Review gets it.

Opening the Door With Timothy Dolan

The new archbishop of New York takes the road less traveled.


10 Responses to Let there be no doubt about Archbishop Timothy Dolan

  1. Paula Brooks says:

    Did you know that Governor Paterson of New York threw down on Tim today?


  2. Matt says:

    “Threw down”? Paula please; are we the WWF?
    He threw an unstatesman-like hissy fit. Archbishop Dolan has more human grace than Governor Paterson has ever even seen in one place before today.

    Please reply with your observations of the good and bad moral leadership in his homily, his fitness for the job or even the upcoming political fight this portends. Don’t come here and insult without at least trying to convince, inform or persuade.

  3. Paula Brooks says:

    I personally think ol’ papa bear has not done that very good of a job looking out for the baby bears in the past… but you know this…

    so as for Paterson throwing a hissy fit… I think what both he and Mayor Bloomberg did today was issue the Archbishop a challenge… and are both saying that if he has come to their city and state to play politics… so be it… New York politics are a pretty rough game…. and better Dolan stick to fixing his church…

    Cardinal Egan left him a lot to work on and Dolan admitted himself today that the church has got a lot of credibility to regain…

  4. Matt says:

    I’m not convinced, informed or persuaded.

    You don’t issue a political challenge by remaining seated at a religious ceremony of installation. Everyone present knew the challenge happened when the Vatican published Bishop Nolan’s name for the job. To remain seated was petty – a hissy fit.

    Of course there’s work to do. Its a messy, sinful, fallen world. We do our best – seriously and with sacrifice – and won’t see perfection until we reach heaven.

  5. Paula Brooks says:

    You do issue a political challenge by saying you are going to push gay marriage…. just hours before the bishops installation… which is what Paterson did today.

  6. Laura says:

    Nah, that’s not a political challenge. It’s a public declaration by the governor that religion doesn’t mean a thing to him. It’s kind of a pathetic gesture, really, a gesture of personal, not political, defiance. I think of it as a pout.

    Look, Paula. You claim to be in NC. You’ve seen the Catholics transplanted from New York over the years – most of ’em don’t know SQUAT about their Faith. Either they’ve forgotten over the years all they learned from the good Sisters, or some of the Sisters and most of the “re-instruction” they’ve been fed over the years were rebels, and the teaching they received was heterodox, “in the spirit of Vatican II” nonsense. Paterson is just one of thousands of “good New York Catholics” who think the Faith ought to be what they want it to be instead of what it is – whether it’s gay marriage, abortion rights, or clown Masses.

    Tim Dolan may think he’s got some great priests, and maybe he does – but I still think one of his biggest challenges is going to be overseeing the cleanup of the post-Vatican II manipulations of doctrine and liturgy that have been leading millions of the Faithful into nonsense and its more diabolical consequences.

    Paterson is just one more badly catechised Catholic who’s about to receive some personal Instruction from the good Archbishop.

  7. Paula Brooks says:

    How far shall you roll back the church…. to the Inquisition? … the Crusades? … the changes Ratzy is making are not for the better … and in the end have it being viewed as something no better then the Taliban.

    What Paterson is… is a politician… the same as Timmy Dolan is…

  8. Laura says:

    I’m not at all sure which “changes” you refer to, but I’ve not seen anything that displeases me about Benedict XVI; quite the contrary.

    And Archbishop Dolan is not a politician; he’s a pastor, and a theologian, and he’s very much aware that he has to answer to a MUCH HIGHER AUTHORITY than even the Holy Father.

  9. Laura says:

    LOL. I think he’s just enjoying things. I was at a reception following Confirmation last week, and I don’t think anyone had more fun at the party than did Bishop Burbidge. It’s pretty obvious that Archbishop Dolan is an extrovert, a real people-lover. I think it’s genuine, not politicking. He’s the same energetic (almost hyper?) personality in his interviews on EWTN. Watch and see – that’s all any of us can do.

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