The Politics of Condoms

From the Harvard University Crimson newspaper.   Clear thinking on the ineffectiveness of condoms-first policies.

Harvard is hardly a conservative bastion.  They’ve invited Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius will be this year’s Commencement speaker for the Kennedy School.  (See the Crimson article Sebelius To Speak To HKS Graduates and our earlier posts including: Pro-abortion Kansas governor accepts position as heath and human services secretary)

When it comes to AIDS prevention, science stoops to narrow ideology

Published On Thursday, April 16, 2009  12:52 AM

“The Pope may be right,” suggested Dr. Edward C. Green to The Harvard Crimson, “The marketing and distribution of condoms won’t solve the problem. Partner fidelity has a much better chance.”

Dr. Green, a senior research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, directed the Harvard AIDS Prevention Research Project and had worked and researched extensively on the HIV pandemic afflicting sub-Saharan Africa. And his conclusions, expressing agreement with Pope Benedict XVI—who, on his recent trip to the continent, had denied the panacean potential of prophylactics—provoked a miniature firestorm.

Read entire story:

writer’s bio.

On this topic see also our earlier post:  Africans agree with the Pope on condoms for AIDS


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