And… she vetoes it

Gov Sibelius vetoed a bill which would have refined the State of Kansas’ late-term abortion regulations. The AP report says Sebelius questioned –

whether it was constitutional and suggesting it would cause “intimidation” of doctors…

The bill would have required physicians to report additional information to the state about the late-term abortions they perform, and would have allowed more county prosecutors to pursue criminal charges over potentially illegal late-term procedures.

Also, doctors could have faced lawsuits if their patients later believed a late-term abortion violated the law. A woman’s husband or a girl’s parent or guardian also could have filed a lawsuit.

In a veto message to legislators, Sebelius argued that doctors could have faced criminal prosecution even if they tried to comply with the law. She said that would “lead to the intimidation of health care providers and reduce access to comprehensive health care for women, even when it is necessary to preserve their lives and health.”

This catch-phrase of “life and health of the mother” has been used to undermine women’s genuine health care concerns in favor of self-service for about a hundred years, now. When are lawmakers going to realize what a moral smog it really creates?

As I’ve pointed out numerous times, technological developments in maternal and neonatal health care in the past decade render this concern about “life and health” of the mother very nearly obsolete – genuine high risk factors can now be recognized and treated very early on in a pregnancy, or before a pregnancy is achieved. Yet the old catch phrase is so deliciously convenient, so stirring on one’s sentiments…


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