The Gay Lobby Strikes at the Psychiatric Field… again

It happened in the U.S. in 1973, when a loud, obnoxious gay lobby hijacked the American Psychiatric Association convention and coerced the Association to remove homosexuality from their diagnostic manual – for political, rather than authentic medical or scientific reasons.  This article contains a number of links that detail that and subsequent events in the gay lobby’s growing dominance of American social and medical issues, if you weren’t aware of them before.

Now a group of gay lobbyists in Germany have attempted to derail a conference in which two professionals who espouse traditional values were slated to speak.

Preparations for a conference on psychotherapy set for May in Marburg, Germany are being disrupted by an “action alliance of queer, feminist, and anti-fascist and anti-sexist” groups that want two Christian therapists removed from the roster of speakers.

In response, a group of at least 600 prominent German professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds has issued a public statement and petition to protest the “totalitarian aspirations of the gay and lesbian associations.” These organizations, they said, are trying to suppress freedom of expression and academic inquiry at the upcoming 6th International Congress for Psychotherapy and Counseling in Marburg.

And not just Marburg. Everywhere. I wonder what would happen if the intellectually honest of America were to post such a protest against the actions of the radical gay lobby. I wonder why they haven’t (but not really. Read “Spiritual Warfare.”)


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