Planned Parenthood coverup

Ohio Supreme Court Allows Legislator to Join Abortion-Sexual Abuse Coverup Case

by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 28
, 2009

Columbus, OH ( — The Ohio Supreme Court on Monday agreed to allow a state legislator to join a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood. The suit accuses the abortion business of ignoring suspected sexual abuse against a teenager who went to its facility in Cincinnati for an abortion.

Rep. Robert Mecklenborg added a provision to a domestic abuse bill to make it easier for victims to sue agencies like Planned Parenthood that fail to follow state law and report suspected cases of sexual abuse of minors.

Mecklenborg’s attorneys argued his provision may be related to the lawsuit and Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer agreed yesterday.

The bill, the Pregnant Women from Coercion & Violence Bill, received lopsided bipartisan support in the state legislature and went into effect earlier this month.

The law is designed to stop women from being pressured or forced into a decision to have an abortion. It requires abortion facilities to display a poster in their waiting areas making it clear to women that no one can coerce or pressure them into having an abortion they really don’t want.

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