U.K. Schools Forced to Aid Access to Morning After Pill

A UK Catholic bishop has condemned a plan by Oxfordshire health officials to allow girls as young as eleven to order the abortifacient morning after pill by text message from their school nurse. An auxiliary bishop of the Catholic archdiocese of Birmingham told local news media that the proposed plan by local health authorities and the Oxfordshire County Council “goes against the very central idea the Catholic church has on human life.”

Bishop Leonard William Kenney told the Daily Telegraph, “It is sending out the message that it was better to deal with the aftermath of what people do, rather than the causes…

Set to begin in July, the pilot program will apply to six secondary schools in Oxfordshire county, including St. Gregory the Great Catholic school in Oxford. Authorities have informed the schools that there will be no opt-out allowed, claiming that the texting service is “outside the governance of the schools” because it is offered outside of school hours.

Distressing news, indeed, as parents are bypassed in the process. Although children between the ages of 11-13 are supposed to receive some followup, according to the article from LifeSite News, one has to wonder whether that followup will be any more honest than that of the Planned Parenthood situations here in the U.S., in which statutory rape victims are treated like willing partners in consentual sex.

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