Notre Dame flyover

Plane Pulling Giant Photo of Aborted Fetus Flies Over Notre Dame

and offends graduating senior. Good.

Here in part is my reply to accusations that Catholics cause the problems that abortion “solves.”
Other comments were that since ‘natural’ abortions occur – a miscarriage – then induced abortion must be OK.

7:29PM May 3rd 2009

…I fully espouse and promote effective birth-control and sex-education  … – chastity – celibacy before marriage and faithfulness once married.

I am causing no (induced) abortions. Loving children less than you love your own selfish desire … causes (induced) abortions.

I’m preventing abortion by educating people to the evils of killing children through (induced) abortion.

That nature – God – has created us so that spontaneous abortions occur does not in any way justify or require (induced) abortions.


PS to Kaitlynn Riely. I hearby declare that the swine flu at Notre Dame is NOT God’s punishment for the invitation to Obama. Hope that helps you.


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