Vatican Authority to Reject Diplomats – a wide ranging dialog.

We (Laura and I) are exploring some interesting ground on the Internet.  Please see the debate and discussion at:

Pope rejects all of Obama’s ambassadors for being pro-choice

Someone commented “at” me.  (Here’s their entire post #1639 so I can be properly accused of editing them.
Arrogant… Gee, that word keeps coming up, doesn’t it?

I replied:

I agree. You should at least use a thesaurus or something when insulting me. I’m not offended. I’m a volunteer here to teach. By definition the vernacular includes vulgar language. We don’t formally have High English and Low English like German has Hochdeutsch and local dialects. English does however have what your mother used to call “polite conversation.” Try it.

Now back to the real argument.
1. Does the state have the right to decide that a baby in utero is “human enough” to have human rights?
2. How do you propose that be measured in law? Is it gestational age, viability, implanted or not?
2a. What about healthy human embryos in vitro?
2b. What about selection in vitro or in vivo for gross abnormality? Downs Syndrome? sex? hair color?
(Later I added: 2c. 50% out of the birth canal?  99% out of the birth canal?  When the village elders check that it has no deformities?)
3. How do we decide? What decisions are her’s alone? Her parents’ if a minor? Her husband’s? Her boyfriend’s? Her sperm donor’s? Her anonymous sperm donor’s? Her doctor’s? Her school’s? Her university’s? The courts’?(here’s a tough one) Her statutory rapist’s?
4. What current laws are just? Which are unjust?
5. What social attitudes do not conform to the reality of the ethic you propose?
6. Who should pay for the legal procedures for citizens? legal residents? non-legal residents? residents of foreign lands?(ie via foreign aid)
7. What professions should be required to participate as part of their job?(pharmacists, doctors, nurses, aid workers, diplomats, etc.)
8. Just to get back to the point of this forum: What political and diplomatic actions are justified for the Vatican State to see their Choices on these matters are respected?

Answer these and we’ll be getting somewhere. Paint your picture and I’ll paint mine. Your’s looks pretty ugly and presented in this light – not behind the cover of democratic-sounding “Choice” – will be offensive to most Americans.


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