Sex is OK

As a resource, and a delightful bit of prolife theology that can shake up a debate where a ProAbortion person attacks the Church as out of date and prudish…

Sex Sermonist’s Heroes: Pope John Paul II and Hugh Hefner

And it’s not just the red slippers?

“As Christians, we are desperately in need of a renewed vision of our sexuality,” West has sermonized. “The union of man and woman itself is meant to be here on planet Earth an image, a foretaste, a little glimmer of the eternal ecstasy that awaits us in heaven.”

Devout Catholic Christopher West Lays Out Unexpected Vision of What Sex Can Mean for Christians

“I actually see very profound historical connections between Hugh Hefner and John Paul II,” said West.

The seeming paradox of West’s position is captured in the unlikely pairing of his two big heroes — his muses, you might say. They are Pope John Paul II, and Hugh Hefner. A saint and a sinner.

Christopher West is not your average sex therapist. He’s a devout Catholic who believes one of the most important ways we can get closer to God is through great sex.

Meet the man who preaches new rules for Christian sexuality.

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  1. Laura says:

    Only “okay”? How disappointing! (j/k)

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