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Notre Dame as private property has legal grounds to arrest trespassers who refuse to leave when asked.  “Show up and get arrested” is an acceptable – if mildly ineffective – means of protest.

Notre Dame as a University has a profoundly troubling policy for protest.  Is it real protest if it needs a permit?
“We’ve got a long established policy that only members of the university community can organize or lead a protest, and they have to be approved by our office of student affairs,” Brown said.

Notre Dame as a nominally Catholic University has completely crossed all sensible boundaries in inviting President Obama.  This will not be a “debate” or “opportunity for dialog.”  This will in no way communicate the Catholic ethic on the inherent value of the God-created person in the womb who are NO LESS valuable and measurably more vulnerable than the woman who carries him or her.  It’s a capitulation to the Abortion-rights mentality by lauding their spokesman.

If you have a beef with your neighbor you invite them to coffee; you don’t set up a podium on your front porch and smile while he steals the show.  So there is no way Notre Dame can call this dialog.

Please also note:
NO PERSON WHO ACTS OR THREATENS TO ACT VIOLENTLY IS PRO-LIFE.  So while all this will play out as an invitation and protest no person should harm or threaten to harm any person in the womb or not.  If they do they rightfully will be arrested and punished (except for the case of the baby in the womb sadly.)  They also will do serious damage to the effort to communicate rationally that abortion is wrong.

Posted as a comment to:

Alan Keyes among 22 arrested at Notre Dame

This article is accurate if not sympathetic to the Catholic viewpoint.   The hate and hostility in the comments from the Pro-Abortion side are horrible.  The limp argument and ineffective “God will punish you” shouts from the Pro-Life side are impotent.  Join in some comments please.

Thanks to friend and correspondent Mary who pointed out this story.

update 7:35 PM EDT

My comment was approved but I did poke a stick in the hornets’ nest.  I wrote:

Joey Tranchina,
I’ll debate you.  I am somewhat ignorant but you’ll get a run for your money.  Ready?

When does a fetus become a human being?
a human being with rights?

What does the law say about conflicts between those rights and the rights of the pregnant mother?

‘nough for now?


One Response to Chicago Breaking News

  1. Laura says:

    Well, you’re In, and Tranchina has thrown down a gauntlet.

    These insults are extreme courtesy compared to what we’ve been dealing with at that other site, imo.

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