Senator Boxer loves Abortion and hates Women

I offer that you cannot shape a valid ethical argument for fewer restrictions on access to abortion.  If you try you will be unable.  Also a political argument looks as transparent as it is and makes you look foolish.

Example of a person (a mother who should know better!) looking foolish in just this way is Senator Boxer of CA.

See: the “digested” easy to read version on a (proudly-proclaimed) pro-life site:

If this link expires I found it via: Then search for S12878-80 1999 santorum boxer

[Congressional Record: October 20, 1999 (Senate)]

ACT OF 1999
clerk will report the bill.
The legislative clerk read as follows:
A bill (S. 1692) to amend Title 18, United
States Code, to ban partial-birth abortions.

Mr. Santorum. (continuing)

Would you agree with that, Senator
from California? Do you answer that
Mrs. BOXER. I support the Roe v.
Wade decision.
Mr. SANTORUM. Do you agree any
child who is born has the right to life,
is protected by the Constitution once
that child is born?
Mrs. BOXER. I agree with the Roe v.
Wade decision, and what you are doing
goes against it and will harm the
women of this country. And I will address
that when I get the floor.
Mr. SANTORUM. But I would like to
ask you this question. You agree, once
the child is born, separated from the
mother, that that child is protected by
the Constitution and cannot be killed?
Do you agree with that?
Mrs. BOXER. I would make this
statement. That this Constitution as it
currently is—some want to amend it to
say life begins at conception. I think
when you bring your baby home, when
your baby is born—and there is no such
thing as partial-birth—the baby belongs
to your family and has the
rights. But I am not willing to amend
the Constitution to say that a fetus is
a person, which I know you would. But
we will get to that later. I know my
colleague is engaging me in a colloquy
on his time. I appreciate it. I will answer
these questions.
I think what my friend is doing, by
asking me these questions, is off point.
My friend wants to tell the doctors in
this country what to do. My friend
from Pennsylvania says they are rogue
doctors. The AMA will tell you they no
longer support the bill. The American
Nurses don’t support the bill. The obstetricians
and gynecologists don’t
support the bill. So my friend can ask
me my philosophy all day; on my own
time I will talk about it.
Mr. SANTORUM. If I may reclaim
my time, first of all, the AMA still believes
this is bad medicine. They do not
support the criminal penalties provisions
in this bill, but they still believe—
I think you know that to be the
case—this procedure is not medically
necessary, and they stand by that
I ask the Senator from California,
again, you believe—you said ‘‘once the
baby comes home.’’ Obviously, you
don’t mean they have to take the baby
out of the hospital for it to be protected
by the Constitution.

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    interesting site you have here. keep up the good work..thanks

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