Open Letter to Notre Dame Graduating Seniors

Faithful students of Our Lady’s University,

Don’t BOYCOTT!  If you have a legitimate ticket to the event then SHOW UP.  Bring a rosary!  Turn your back on the President while he speaks and pray the Rosary.  Aloud!  If you are blocking the view of someone behind you then kneel down.  That is something you’ll be happy you did for all your living days.  It will send the message much clearer than a boycott!

BTW.  Randall Terry is a nut.  He has not retracted and apologized for his statements that crossed the line into advocating violence.  I’m sorry he has latched on to this important situation in such an antagonizing way at your university.

We’re blogging to fight abortion.  I hope to provide you guys some attention. Our readership is very small but we’re getting some attention.  See:

Chicago Breaking News

Notre Dame Response

Hope also that anything that we write or post can inform and assist us all in educating and convincing others of the Wisdom of the Church’s view.


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