After the dust settles –

I couldn’t bear to watch the entire Notre Dame commencement. Between you and me, I’ve never been able to bear listening to or watching Barack Obama speak – even during the campaign, even during brief sound bites.

But I let a friend talk me into streaming Judge Noonan’s Laetare address, beginning shortly after he began speaking. It seemed to me that he began strong, talking about slavery, and the mistake Lincoln made in trying to make accommodations to both sides, only to be rebuked and corrected by Frederick Douglass in such a way as led soon thereafter to the Emancipation Proclamation…

And I held my breath hoping Judge Noonan would come out and clearly, unequivocally say something about the parallels between slavery and abortion and the moral turpitude that has settled over this country…

Instead, he deteriorated into platitudes and truisms that either side of the debate can easily claim as approbation of their own side.

So the question now, it seems to me, is this: Was the activity this week at Notre Dame a brief show of “activism,” a fluttering of roosters’ feathers and nothing more, to diminish into turpor, now that the public media event has ended? Or is the Church Militant ready to rally and begin in earnest the battle for which she was raised from bondage to sin and offered newness of life in Christ?


One Response to After the dust settles –

  1. Adrienne says:

    I couldn’t watch any of it. Later I saw the clip of the students shouting, “yes we can”, and it made me sick to my stomach. Spoiled and stupid!

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