28 Days on the Pill

An evangelical source has produced a documentary of the abortifacient qualities of The Pill. The documentary is called 28 Days on the Pill, and it  chronicles research done by a small team which includes specifically citing the abortifacient aspects of birth control pills/hormonal contraception – and very well-informed, affirmative advocacy of NFP (Natural Family Planning, also Fertility Awareness or Cooperative Birth Control).

Dr. W. Larimore, who was interviewed in the documentary…told the interviewer that the pill has “unnatural, high doses of steroids, has potential side effects including a potential breast cancer side effect, and may cause an abortion that you won’t even know about until you’re in heaven.”

“On the other side, is modern scientific Natural Family Planning – some call it fertility awareness – that’s more effective than the pill, doesn’t have the side effects of the pill,” Dr. Larimore said.

NFP, he said, “it involves the man and the woman, they have to talk together, they have to pray together, they have to learn together, they have to become one together. No wonder that studies have implied that people who practice NFP have higher satisfaction with marriage, they have more frequent sex, they have more satisfying sex, they have a lower divorce rate.”

“It’s because the whole issue of birth spacing becomes a couples issue.”

The documentary does state that barrier methods, such as condoms, are truly contraceptive, but that there are differing opinions surrounding the morality of them.

For more information, see this article at LifeSite News.


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