Post on AntiCatholics

Te Deum laudamus posted at topix a comment  #595 in reply to this post.
Ed Burke wrote:
<quoted text>
It’s simply communication. We ‘have a Failure To Communicate Here.” These people don’t hear you if you don’t respond in kind. I once had a seargant who was a mormon, in Vietnam, he refused to swear. No one listened to him, they wouldn’t take him seriously. It was the same thing. <end quoted text>
“Te Deum Laudemus” replied:

I jut want to tell you that there is no point in trying to reason with most of the folks in this forum. You’ll just get frustrated and they will have fun by testing your patience.
I have followed some of those folks in other forums of this site and they all reply to people like you and me in the same manner every time. They all fit the following pattern:
• They are atheists
• They are leftists
• They are self-centered and unreasonable
• They are always angry and unhappy
• They are aggressive in their responses and usually verbally attack those with different views
• They are convinced that anyone that does not share their ideology is not as “smart” as they believe they are
• They are not open to any facts that are not comparable to their views
• They think of themselves as open-minded. Most immoral behavior is normal to them. In reality, they are extremely narrow-minded.
• To them, we Christians are dramatic, pathetic failures. To them we are lost, hopeless and uneducated idiots driven by superstition and irrational religious mythology. They perceive Christians as sad examples of self-righteousness, hypocrisy and religious zealotry
These souls are the product of secularism, hedonism, moral relativism and materialism. They are the result of the immoral and decadent culture of our time. Because of their conditioning, they can no longer see the light of reason and their perception of natural law is very foggy. In the rare instances when natural law does surface from the deepest, darkest places of their hearts, they feel uncomfortable and immediately send those vestiges of reason back from where they came from. The consequences are tragic and harmful to them and everybody else:
Their conformity with nature is not well established
Their understanding of right and wrong is very fuzzy and consequently they can’t comprehend that every human being has dignity along with fundamental rights and duties.
Their intellect is darken and their will weaken as a consequence of sin
They cannot grasp the fact that human beings are more than mere animals, possessing a soul in the image and likeness of God.
So, my point is that you have done a good job of presenting the Truth to these individuals. You have possibly planted some seeds. But at the present moment, you will not be able to make them see reality as it really is: that we are all the loved children of God and that our destiny is with Him if we really want to. The prince of darkness has a strong hold on their souls.
However, there is something we can and should do: pray that the Holy Spirit may instill a desire for Truth in their hearts.
God Bless

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