What exactly do you hope to accomplish?

At topix Laura was asked:
Laura, you and Brother Matt are zealously working towards some goal which remains unclear.  What exactly do you hope to accomplish?
I replied by referring to this post #295 http://www.topix.com/forum/news/abortion/T379L96HAMACVLPC4/post295
Question: It was repealed becuase it was not Constitutional in the first place, just like the laws against abortion. You never did address the point I made earlier (not to my knowledge, at any rate), which is that you cannot remove the 14th Amendment without negatively impacting far more than the abortion issue. To believe that you can do this and only impact the abortion issue is the height of naivete. Then again, I believe that’s exactly what you are, naive.

So “Constitutional” does NOT mean “written in the Constitution?”

If so then what does it mean?  Is there a higher and also a more fundamental source of human rights?  Not God but a moral structure observable independent of our understanding of a god.  (I add instructed and ordered by the God but I completely agree I can’t impose this on you.)

Or is it all just a ponzi scheme; where the powerful derive their benefits on the backs of those specifically or traditionally deprived of rights?  (In the past this was slaves, women, racial minorities, et al.  Presently its “illegal” immigrants, the underclass of the poorly educated often racial minorities, the yet-to-be born, et al.)

I really think you’re on track here even in our disagreement.


One Response to What exactly do you hope to accomplish?

  1. Matt says:

    I just submitted this feedback to Topix.

    I posted an extensive quote from Topix:

    at my blog:

    An “opponent” informs me that I’ve violated your Terms of Service. I don’t see it. Let me know and I’ll happily revise the attribution statement or edit my post.

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