Deliberate Engagement on the murder of George Tiller

The NYT reports on the murder of George Tiller, a Wichita, KS, doctor who was at the center of controversy for performing late-term abortions. Tiller was shot and killed in the lobby of the Lutheran Church he normally attended. As I write this, a search is underway for the murderer.

We at Deliberate Engagement deplore this act of violence. Murder is wrong, period.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Tiller’s family and friends as they struggle to come to terms with this horrific loss.


9 Responses to Deliberate Engagement on the murder of George Tiller

  1. I appreciate what you have said so far. Will you go further and declare this killing to be an act of terrorism?

  2. Laura says:

    As Matt has said, an act of violence is a pro-choice act.

    A lone gunman, acting alone against an individual – the first killing of an abortionist since 1998 (notice: no abortionists were murdered during the Bush Administration) – eleven years.

    Are you prepared to admit that the voluntary killing of nearly 3500 children today through elective abortion is an act of genocide?

  3. Kardinal says:

    Terrorism is the use of asymetrical warfare by the lesser party against civilian targets to accomplish a political goal.

    I would contend that this is not asymetrical warfare, and PROBABLY (we don’t know exact motive yet) was not intended to accomplish a political goal. This was certainly an crime against a civilian target.

    It was more likely intended to stop Dr. Tiller from performing any more abortions, thus saving the life of unborn children. If may also have the additional motive of intimidating other doctors from performing abortions. Even so, unless it was intended in some way to get abortion laws overturned, I don’t think it qualifies as terrorism.

    Terrorism, like heroism, is an overused term that should apply to a significantly narrower group than it does.

  4. “Asymetrical warfare” is probably a definition useful for the military (uniformed regulars) fighting against a force which disappears into the populace after taking on a better-equipped enemy in a hit-and-run tactic. My point is that if Operation Rescue or other organizations began to be fire-bombed you might feel that this was an act of terror. I’m concerned that someone who is threatened or killed over a political belief that that act has a chilling effect on political discourse.

  5. Lee Thompson says:

    “When it comes to abortion, there really is only one moral question: Will women be free to determine their own lives, including whether and when they will bear children, or will women be subjugated to patriarchal male authority and forced to breed against their will?”

    I think this quote from Sunsara Taylor gets right to the heart of the matter.

    You can read more from her article, “The Deadly Illusion of ‘Common Ground’ on Abortion – Response to Obama’s speech at Notre Dame on common ground and abortion”

    You can read the whole article at

  6. Matt says:

    I would normally automatically discount anything posted on the official web page for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. Instead I read some of your home page and this article. Now I discount it deliberately.
    Please use this forum to discuss what you disagree with. Don’t just pronounce your moral playing field. You have your one “bye.”

  7. Matt says:

    rationalpsychic (can there be such a thing?),
    Pro-life people indeed are and already have been the target of violence of just the type you suggest as hypothetical. See Yesterday evening it was not working (conspiracy theory? not.) so look at the cached pages.

    That’s no excuse for a Pro-Choice decision to kill someone. Period.

  8. Kardinal says:

    “My point is that if Operation Rescue or other organizations began to be fire-bombed you might feel that this was an act of terror”
    No, I would not, because it’s not terrorism. I might call it a systematic campaign of violence. But terrorism has a specific definition and I don’t apply it where it doesn’t belong.

  9. Matt says:

    I agree.
    Also you say “might.” I add there is NO systematic campaign of violence by pro-life supporters. The violence by Pro-Choice/Abortion advocates is an order of magnitude greater and IS a systematic campaign.

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