Planned Parenthood in Tennessee

Pro-Abortion bloggers have noted to me that since the undercover girl in the Live Action Films wasn’t really 14 that there was no crime.  I disagree and I think so does the law.

PP has a systemic (I would say pathological) bias to abortion anytime for anyone.  This prevents their staff from knowing and following the valid laws restricting certain abortion and in this case requiring health care workers to report suspected child abuse by statutory rape.

Tennessee is right to end the state sponsored preferential funding of PP.

Undercover Videos Prompt Tennessee Lawmakers to End Preferential Treatment for Planned Parenthood

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 22, 2009 ( – Tennessee legislators passed a law Thursday that threatens to strip Planned Parenthood of over $1 million in federal grant funding. Under the new statute, local community health clinics will be given priority for Title X family planning funds instead of Planned Parenthood.

Live Action Films says that the move was inspired by undercover videos by the group from a Planned Parenthood clinic in Memphis released earlier this year. The videos show a counselor urging a 14-year-old girl to lie about the age of the 31-year-old “boyfriend” who impregnated her so she can obtain a secret abortion.

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One Response to Planned Parenthood in Tennessee

  1. Laura says:

    A similar expose was done at a Winston-Salem PP clinic. There the “counsellor” was advising the presumed-minor client on obtaining contraception so she could continue “enjoying” being raped by her mother’s boyfriend, or her stepfather, whatever the reported relationship was.

    PP has done more – not only in promoting abortion – but in promoting recreational, uncommitted sex. Sanger even advocates it in her interview with Mike Wallace (preceding post)

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