Irresponsible men

I presume it is editorial cowardice that has caused to pull their recent article “Dealing with an Unwanted Pregnancy,” offered in part via Creative Minority Report.  Links to the original article – which I saw and read two days ago (July 6) with rage, now fall back only to the website’s home page. Other pregnancy-related articles remain “live.”

The article is despicable. A woman writer gives men advice on getting their pregnant girlfriends to abort so they don’t have to face up to the consequences of their recreational sexual escapades. If cool reason and emotional sway don’t do the trick, the final ploy is to simply remind her that it’s her decision, made in the face of his disapproval, and that he will do absolutely no more than the minimum required by law. In short, he will abandon her utterly should she choose to carry the baby to term.

Feminists tout the liberation of sexual license, of being able to enjoy sex for sex’s sake – divorcing themselvces from the reality of fertility. We need more and better and more easily accessed contraception so that women can engage in consequence-free sex, say the feminists (at Topix, at least) – it’s wrong to make her a mere brood mare for some invasive little “z/e/f” (zygote/embro/fetus) she doesn’t want,  mere parasite that it is.

It’s not even a person, or a baby – not until it’s born – they say. All manner of semantic convolutions in order to divorce themselves emotionally for the reality that is that tiny human being entrusted to her body, her care…

And now, this article written by a woman, a traitor to our sex, coaching men on how to “persuade” (browbeat, bully, intimindate, strong-arm, coerce, badger, press, harass…) their girlfriends into aborting.

Bad enough that men can be so cold-hearted and selfish as to use a woman to gratify his sexual urges by seducing her mind and heart – the old adage “women give sex to get love, and men give love to get sex.” Or, as C.S. Lewis says in The Four Loves, it’s not, strictly speaking, a woman he wants, so much as it is a particular pleasure for which a woman is “merely a necessary piece of apparatus.”

But that he should be so cold and manipulative to bully a woman into violating her own conscience and principles so that HE need not be inconvenienced  – and that this utter lack of conscience should be coached, aided and abetted by a woman – is inexcusable.


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