Congressman Boehner Opposes New Stem Cell Regulations

Boehner Statement on Administration’s New Embryonic Stem Cell Regulations

Washington, Jul 6 – House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement on the Obama Administration’s final regulations on taxpayer funding of human embryonic stem cell research:

These final regulations represent a troubling development for those who believe that taxpayer funds should not be used to destroy human life.  The Administration’s decision to dramatically expand the number of stem cell lines derived from human embryos and create incentives for the destruction of human life is a provocative step beyond what the President proposed just months ago and yet another sign that he has quickly retreated from his promise to ‘be a President for all Americans.’  House Republicans support methods of stem cell research that have actually yielded results, and I urge the President to reconsider this decision and instead join Republicans in supporting bipartisan solutions such Rep. Randy Forbes’ Patients First Act, which would promote proven stem cell research that does not force taxpayers to aid in the destruction of human life.

“As Congress continues to consider the issue of health care reform, I urge the President not to adopt the same course that he used in the development of these disappointing stem cell regulations.  Health care reform should not be a vehicle to advance controversial pro-abortion policies.  Rather, it should be an opportunity to work in a bipartisan way to give Americans better access to affordable, high-quality health care.”


Print version of this document

Link to Patient First bill mentioned in press release

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