Americans oppose abortion

In debates with abortion-rights proponents you might try to discuss that most Americans don’t agree with the Democratic Party’s current viewpoint and certainly don’t agree with expanding when and how abortion is performed.  Nor do they support more government funding of abortions.

See this report from the (I think) neutral PR Newswire on a study funded by the Knights of Columbus and Marist Poll who are admittedly not neutral players.  However the study seems to hold up statistically.

New Poll Shows Americans Continuing to Move Toward Pro-Life Position on Abortion

86% favor significant restrictions; Majority believes abortion hurts a woman long-term

The report says the study finds:

Among the key findings:

  • 86% of Americans would significantly restrict abortion.
  • 60% of Americans would limit abortion to cases of rape, incest or to save the life of a mother – or would not allow it at all.
  • 53% of Americans believe abortion does more harm than good to a woman in the long term.
  • 79% of Americans support conscience exemptions on abortion for health care workers. This includes 64% of those who identify as strongly pro-choice.
  • 69% of Americans think that it is appropriate for religious leaders to speak out on abortion.
  • 59% say religious leaders have a key role to play in the abortion debate.
  • 80% of Americans believe that laws can protect both the health of the woman and the life of the unborn. This includes 68% of those who identified as strongly pro-choice.
  • The Knights of Columbus press release with some very interesting and well presented data is at:

    PR Newswire’s story is at:

    If anyone locates the full study data please comment with a link here?


    One Response to Americans oppose abortion

    1. Matt says:

      Still no original data but here’s the summary page from the Knights.

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