on the “Science Czar”

When individuals can discuss such issues in such a way, without any public protest or outcry, then something is seriously wrong with society.

President Obama’s “science czar,” John Holden, co-authored a book in the 1970s in which he advocated forced sterilization and abortion for control of “undesirable” populations and to resolve a variety of population “crises.” Commentary on this book and on Holden’s philosophies, which have been making the rounds of Facebook (where, it appears, conservatives have a limited venue in which to disseminate such information difficult to come across elsewhere), is here.

We are too close to social restructuring on an extreme leftist model. It’s politically incorrect to liken any American philosphy or politician to Nazi Germany, but the parallels are alarming. We’re too given to culturally glorifying voluntary contraception and abortion as a solution to social and personal “ills;” now we are perilously close to seeing these measures mandated.

Where is the outcry? in our media? our public squares? from our elected representatives, who are supposed to be our voice in Washington?


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