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a dialog went like this:

Women in crisis? You mean the ones that some Pregnancy Crisis Centers convinced – it’ll be fine honey. Just have that baby. A real shame you don’t have health insurance. Looks like you’ll have to call Brother Matt and his league of helpers. Good luck hun, you made the right decision! [/QUOTE]

the reply:

We all do what we can.  If that sounds all too contrived and unrealistic for you then I think you have given up hope.

My mom worked as a volunteer for years at just such a place.  They did good work.  It was quantifiable.  GEDs earned.  Parenting skills taught.  Babies loved.  I would ask you to do the same BEFORE you send a girl to see an abortionist.

More than one church I know has an official policy to help moms who show up on the doorstep.  Period.  They work.  These are never perfect but what in life is?  (Hey if you’re going to the Salvation Army for a meal and a cot; you have to attend the sermon.  Its the price of admission.)  I would spend my money there and not on subsidizing abortion.

the post is at


One Response to More Topix

  1. Laura says:

    I can just about guess which of our friends there made the post. Well done, Brother Matt!

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