Reasons to favor Abstinence instruction

Ten Reasons to Keep Abstinence Education in N.C.

Family North Carolina Magazine—Jul/Aug 2009

by Alysse ElHage

In recent months, there have been increasing efforts in North Carolina to eliminate the focus on abstinence-until-marriage (AUM) sex education in our public schools, and return the State to an approach that is aimed at helping students avoid the consequences of early sexual activity, rather than helping postpone that activity.

In an effort to provide parents and educators with the facts they need to make informed choices about these issues, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons to maintain the focus on Abstinence-based education in North Carolina’s public schools.

See the entire article at:

This independant public policy research and education group appears to be an ally in this fight.  Learn more about them at


One Response to Reasons to favor Abstinence instruction

  1. Laura says:

    Wow – that is a GOOD article! I’m going to forward it to a few friends in the school system, and to our local state representative – and anyone else I can think of (like parents!) – I’m so glad you posted this! – because I would not have seen it right away…

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