Gov’t allows PP in schools?

from WorldNet Daily:

The House’s proposed health national health plan would establish “school-based health clinics” on campuses, and one group is warning it could give Planned Parenthood direct access to American schoolchildren at taxpayer expense.

The American Family Association, or AFA, is warning that Section 2511 of H.R.3200, or the House plan, titled “School-Based Health Clinics,” allows a “non-profit health agency” to serve as a “sponsoring facility” for health clinics that operate during school hours. AFA has provided a document with actual language from H.R.3200 that outlines requirements for the program.

AFA notes that under this provision Planned Parenthood would be authorized to serve as a “sponsoring facility” for the nation’s schools.

“Although the bulk of the health care bill is scheduled to go into effect in 2013, this particular provision is slated to go into effect next summer, in time for clinics to appear in public schools by next fall,” an AFA memo stated.

The bill requires that the school-based health clinic “provide on-site access during the academic day when school is in session” and have “an established network

of support and access to services with backup health providers when the school or [clinic] is closed.”

More detail at the article – including additional links. Do, please, read this, and notify your Representatives in Washington of your opposition to this provision. With Planned Parenthood’s agendas sabotaging traditional moral values – even at the expense of the emotional wellbeing of our daughters – this is simply NOT an acceptable possibility!


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