Sex Ed and a Culture of Life

The Culture of Life Foundation gives us much to think about.  This essay the last in a series tells us how the culture – our laws, our behaviors and our expectations – need to change to fundamentally improve the respect for children.   The culture seemingly denies where children come from – like in a 1950’s sitcom.  If we fix that and acknowledge the hard truths of the facts of life we will improve our culture.

Admitting Sex is Procreative – a Surprising Proposal to Curb Nonmarital Births

…the conceptual nub of my proposals, I would suggest that any response to these issues must “put the baby back into sex.”
By this I mean that men and women need to acknowledge the overwhelming importance of heterosexual relations’ orientation to the procreation of children – helpless creatures who require decades of intensive labor, a lifetime of interaction, and who apparently come into the world with an inbuilt desire to remain connected to both their father and their mother. No matter the heights and depths of couples’ romantic aspirations and experiences, these can never be divorced from the crucial reality that heterosexual relations are procreative. The law has always known this. Most churches did or still do. And now couples must acknowledge it too, with help from every possible governmental, religious and other social institution. Once the baby is re-introduced into couples’ sexual consciousness, they can better understand that nonmarital sex has its own intrinsically public significance.


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